The HOPE Class for women

HOPE is a three hour psycho-educational class offered to WOMEN ONLY with charges of Prostitution by the District Attorney’s Office of Dallas County.  The class is facilitated by the licensed program clinician of the District Attorney’s Office.  HOPE covers myths and statistics of prostitution, symptoms of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, healthy personal development and relationships, and resource options in the community.  Participants will be expected to present in the classroom at the scheduled time.  Upon completion of the entire class, participants will be given a certificate of completion to present to their attorney, probation officer, or court.

The class is offered the last Friday of every month, 1-4pm.  Please do not delay completion of the class, if required by the court, to the last minute as the class facilitator may change the schedule if needed.  To register for a class please contact Kimberly Duran at 214-653-3782.  Location information will be provided upon registration.  Translation services are provided upon request, thus please make such request at the time of registration.   There is no on line registration for this class.  

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