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In April 2007, the Dallas Police Department began developing a program that would radically change the way their agency would conduct enforcement on street level prostitution in Dallas.   Conventional approaches to enforcement have had little effect on the crime of prostitution and have been a constant drain on manpower and resources from both the Dallas Police Department and the criminal justice system, due to a revolving door between jail, probation and the only life they know on the streets.  Instead of viewing prostitutes as criminals the Dallas Police Department would approach them as victims, bring resources from a large cross section of organizations into the streets where the prostitutes work.

This endeavor required the collaboration of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, Courts, Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, Dallas County Health and Human Services, Parkland Hospital, Community Voice Mail, and now over 60 social service and faith based organizations whose mission is to provide individuals involved in the sex trade a complete and safe exit from a life of prostitution.  The first operation was conducted in October 2007, and the program’s ongoing success has received the recognition and support of the Dallas City Council, and the County Commissioner’s Office.   The program continues to receive national attention from numerous media outlets that have featured this program and its success.

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