Social Services/Resources

Click on the link below to see how to find the help you need.  Social Services are listed followed by a directory to help guide you to those who can help you the most.

For those interested in an on-line remote class, below are several comparable options to the STOP Class

The STOP Demand School – Sex Buyers and Diversion 

While prostitution is NOT the world’s oldest profession, it has been around for a long time. In prostitution, demand creates the supply. Because of the devastating effects of prostitution, we believe the focus should be on the demand side of the equation.

Texas Prostitution Prevention Class/Course – 8 hours

Course For Prostitution provides access to the Prostitution Prevention Class, an educational program that may be required in the state of Texas by the court, a legal order, a legal representative, a parole or probation officer, an employer, or other entity.

Our Prostitution Prevention Class has been written to meet national standards and is recognized by courts and organizations that allow distance learning. The Course For Prostitution program provides meaningful content intended to meet court, legal, or employer requirements. We also recommend the Prostitution Prevention Class for personal growth.